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Swing Gates

Here’s what’s so great about swing gates:
Folding autogate with swingarm means Less repairs/maintenance – They have fewer moving parts than slide gates, which means less opportunity for wear and tear and breakdown. Slide gates have a track they slide on that must be kept free of debris 100% of the time – or they may derail and stop sliding.
Quieter – Not that you ever have to listen to your gate for very long, but when you do, swing gates are much quieter when opening and closing.
More pleasing to look at – Slide gates have to slide so far they can be kind of an eye sore at times. And when most people think of gorgeous gates that protect properties, they usually think of swinging gates.

2 Year Warranty
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2 Year Warranty
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2 Year Warranty

Autogate Malaysia

Folding autogate Gmatic 500

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