Mguard and Axxon Next

Mguard has partnered with Axxon Next developers created new technologies and tweaked existing ones. The result of their work, Axxon Next 4.0, can be called an integrated enterprise-class security system for protection of large, geographically distributed sites.

Ip Camera support

Wide range of camera brands and types supported

Video Archive

Flexible management of video data archives

Support for analog cameras

Use your analog camera in your VMS

Modern Gui

Intuitive surveillance interface: system flexibility and quick reaction times

Green Stream

Automatically selects the most efficient video stream that meets resolution requirements

Micro Module Architecture

Implementing different video management system functions as different operating system processes.

Interactive 3d map

Instantly visualize the locations of cameras and events at your site

Time Compressor

View all moving objects in recorded video simultaneously

Video analytics

Perform forensic search on video surveillance

Moment quest video

Jump to video of interest by specifying video of interest

Auto zoom

Track moving object due to digital zoom

Remote monitoring

Apps and webclient make remote monitoring availibe from all locations