To resist intruders, you must be able to find them. Axxon’s Intellect integrated Facial Recognition module notifies operators when it spots a human face within the video frame. It automatically detects and captures the image of that person and compares it to known photos of persons of interest. You can use this detection tool to create a database of employees or other individuals: a camera situated in an entrance can record all who pass through the turnstile and save images of their faces to a database.

Identifies people regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions
A non-intrusive, contact-free process, unlikeother biometrics
Compatible with legacy databases
Real-time notification about recognized persons
Easy integration with existing systems
Real-time notification of identity matches and alerts
Automatic synchronization with users database
Integration with access control systems
Recognition algorithms powered by Cognitec SDK v 5.0

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