Intruder and thief prevention checklist

Mguard checklist to stop intruders and thief!

Are you going on vacation soon?

Mguard 12 step checklist to stop intruders:

  1. Use on / off clocks for light and radio
  2. Place some toys as if use and dishes on table.
  3. Make sure the thief is not tempted
  4. Dont have Valuables visible through your windows
  5. Hide your jewellery and the like. In places, Which seems uninteresting for the thief
    (Kitchens, bathrooms, utility room etc) or a safe.
  6. Lock your shed and clean up in the garden so that there are no tools that can be used to break in the house.
  7. Provide light with motion sensors around the house
  8. Avoid high hedges, shrubs and fences, Which causes the thief to have peace when working.
  9. Pull curtains for some places, eg in the bedroom. Avoid pulling curtains in the entire house
  10. Save the extrusion keys far away – and not a single place
  11. Lock all the doors inside, so it is difficult For the thief to move around in the home.
  12. The thief’s greatest fears are attentive neighbours, So be sure to agree with Neighbouring help