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Autogate Malaysia installed by Mguard, Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all sized properties. Electric gates, though not very commonplace at the moment, have found their niche in the market today. For those who find the security of their premises (be it residential or commercial) important, electric gates are the way to go. There is a decrease in the cost of electric gate kits and their installation. Aside from the basic kits, there are now many features that can be added to ensure security as well as make them more convenient. Automated gates are classed as machines and care should be taken to ensure they have the correct safety features / and are regularly maintained.
Mguard provide the following types of Autogate
i) Swing Motor Autogate – Gmatic; -DCMoto
ii) Swing Arm Autogate – E8
iii) Sliding Motor Autogate – E8; -DCMoto

2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
RM2,399.00 RM1,899.00
2 Year Warranty

Autogate Malaysia

Folding autogate Gmatic 500

RM2,099.00 RM1,599.00
Warrenty 2 Years
RM1,699.00 RM1,399.00
2 Year Warranty