Folding and swing autogate E8 – 3300

RM1,699.00 RM1,299.00

Standard Packing
Standard Packing of the arm swing gate system includes:
Arm Gate Motor 1pcs (for Single), 2pcs (for Double)
Gate Post Brackets
Primary Wall Bracket 1pcs (for Single), 2pcs (for Double)
Secondary Wall Bracket 1 pcs (for Single), 2pcs (for Double)
Gate Bracket 1pcs (for Single), 2pcs (for Double)
Gate Stopper
Floor Rubber Stopper : 1pcs
Gate Tabs 1pcs (for Single) 2pcs (for Double)
Release Key 2pcs M10x30
Bolt & Nut 2pcs (for Single), 4pcs for (Double)
Control Box : 1pcs
Control Panel (Model D1) 1pcs
Transformer 13-8-0-8-13V 1pc (Transformer not included if Solar Powered)
Remote Control 3+1 : 1set
Backup Battery 12V 7AH : 1pcs